GLENCAIRN. The S.S. Glencairn is a fictional British tramp steamer, scene
of Eugene O’Neill’s* The Moon of the Caribees (first perf. 1918; pub. 1919),
Bound East for Cardiff (first perf. 1916; pub. 1919), and In the Zone (first
perf. 1917; pub. 1919). The crew from the Glencairn also appear in the
shore-based play of the group, Long Voyage Home (first perf. 1917; pub.
1917), which is set in a London waterfront dive. The ship is likewise the
scene of Children of the Sea, an earlier unpublished version of Bound East
for Cardiff. In Moon of the Caribees, the ship is anchored in the West Indies,
while in Bound East and In the Zone it sails eastward in the North Atlantic.
The Glencairn cycle was made into a successful film with the title Long
Voyage Home (1940), directed by John Ford.