King and Emperor by Harry Harrison. Chapter 23, 24, 25, 26

“We could make quite a big profit out of Cordova,” Brand said to Guthmund. “You haven’t seen the place, but I’m telling you, that raid by the Ragnarssons fifteen years ago can’t have scratched the surface.”

“But if what we have been saying is true,” Shef went on, “I think we should do something else. For what we have been saying, what Hund and Svandis and even Farman have been saying, is that strength in this world comes from belief. So we must strengthen ours, and that of those who are friendly to us, or at least tolerant of us.

“And we must destroy the faith of those who give no space to others. Who allow freedom neither to Loki nor to Thor. Nor to any other than their own One God.”

“And how is that to be done?” asked Solomon the Jew, with deliberate politeness.

“With paper on the one hand. And with emissaries on the other. I will explain…”

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