Nancy Drew #55. Mystery of Crocodile Island. Carolyn Keene

Nancy told Danny his passengers were ready to return to the skiff. After they had reached it and climbed aboard, the boy pointed out a police launch in the distance.

“I wonder where it’s going,” he said.

Nancy asked, “Isn’t that the direction of Crocodile Island?”

“Yes, it is,” he replied, “Want to follow it and see what’s happening?”

“You bet,” everyone replied.

As they neared the crocodile farm they saw the police launch pull up to the pier. Four officers jumped out and went ashore. Nancy and her friends could hear indistinct voices. They assumed the police were ordering everyone on the island to come out of hiding. When no one appeared, the officers blew whistles. At the same time, the men spread out on the island.

“I wish we could do something to help,” Nancy said.

Danny suggested that they go around to the other side of the island and see if any of the suspects were trying to escape in a boat. He put on power and presently the Pirate was rounding the tip of the key.

“Look!” George exclaimed. “There’s a boat and men are climbing into it!”

Nancy and Bess cried out together, “The Whisper!”

“Oh, they’re getting away!” Bess wailed. “What’ll we do to stop them?”

“We should tell the police!” George declared.


Triple Sleuthing

“After them!” Bun shouted, and Danny quickly guided the skiff toward the fleeing boat.

The Whisper was a more powerful craft, however, and stayed well ahead of them. They followed it through the green waterway and it became smaller and smaller in the distance. By the time they reached the ocean, The Whisper was only a tiny dot.

Nancy heaved a sigh. She felt completely defeated. “I was so sure we would close in on those men,” she said. “Now they’ve slipped through our fingers!”

Ned patted her shoulder lightly. “Don’t give up,” he said kindly. “We’re bound to get a break.”

George said, “I think the break is coming right now!” She looked into the sky. A helicopter was making its way toward their skiff.

“It’s a police helicopter!” Burt pointed out.

The craft lowered until the young people in the skiff could see the officers aboard. They were shouting through a megaphone, but those on the water could not understand a word.

“Too bad we don’t have a ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship telephone,” Danny said.

The only way Nancy could get a message across to the men above was to point in the direction The Whisper had taken. She made motions with her hands to indicate that it was going very fast. Then she put her finger to her lips, hoping the men might translate it to mean “whisper!”

She could see the pilot bobbing his head and assumed he understood what she meant—that they should follow the suspect boat to the ocean. The copter turned and set off in that direction.

Dave spoke up. “Too bad we can’t be on hand to witness the capture. I’ll bet the men in The Whisper put up a real fight,”

Bess said, “Well, I for one would just as soon not witness a battle. Let’s go back.”

The skiff returned to Crocodile Island. The police launch was gone, but two officers stood on the dock and invited the young people to come ashore. They introduced themselves as Patman and Fifer.

“Aren’t you Danny Cosgrove and these girls detectives?”


Nancy smiled and said Ned, Burt, and Dave were friends.

“We’ve made some arrests,” Patman reported. “For one, we caught the man named Yunki.”

“Oh, the one who hit Mr. Gonzales with a golf ball?” Bess cried out.

“Yes.” Putnam said they had found him hiding among some bushes. He had readily confessed to hitting the deadly shot toward Gonzales. But Yunki also said that he had not done it of his own accord. Gimler and Sacco had hired him to do not only this but several other illegal jobs. Yunki was well paid for his dastardly work.”

“Where is he now?” Ned asked.

Patman told him that the police launch had taken away Yunki and all the other workers, who admitted helping Gimler and Sacco in some illegal secret work but would not say what it was. Two of the men had escaped, however.

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