Repairmen of Cyclops by John Brunner

forced chuckle. “Hardly, I’m afraid. Some people seem

to have exaggerated ideas of what our medicine can ac-

complish. Limb-regeneration overnight isn’t among our


She had expected no other answer, but she had been

unable to prevent the words from emergingthey were

driven by the savage jealousy she felt towards the

Corpsman for his payment in youth and health.

No matter, anyhow. Justin had lost that leg before,

and more than simply the foot and lower partthe

whole of it, almost all the way to the hip, from space-


“Thank you for your courtesy in telling me,” she said

without warmth. “I’d have appreciated earlier notifica-

tion, of course.”

“It was my belief that you had other things to occupy

your mind,” Langenschmidt countered mildly.

With a snarl which made her glad communicator links

on Cyclops were restricted to sound without vision,

Quist forced herself to maintain calm. She said, “I will

have transport sent in the morning, to bring him home.

Will that be convenient?”

“I imagine so, but send a doctor as well, of course.”

Langenschmidt sounded a trifle surprised, as though he

had expected an attempt to persuade him that Kolb’s leg

should be restored at the Corps hospital.

“Of course,” Quist echoed, and silenced the communi-


She waited a second. Then she spoke to it again. “Find

me Dr Aleazar Rimerley, and be quick about it!”

Dr Rimerley was enjoying the sunset when the call

came. He was among the wealthiest men on Cyclops,

and his home consisted of the surface and the heart of an

entire island, some mile or so in circumference. His liv-

ing quarters were built out into the ocean, so that when

he choseas nowhe could sit on a higher level and

watch the sky, or else he could move down to the seabed

and enjoy the vivid panorama of the ocean’s summer life.

His chief personal servant brought news of the call.

He rubbed his chin in wonder; he had not been intend-

ing to get in contact with Quist again just yet, but a

further deal was certain once simple cosmetic treatment

ceased to stave off time’s ravages. Now, therefore, was as

good a time as any to talk to her, since she had initiated

the conversation.

He smiled automatically even though she could not see

him, and said with extreme heartiness, “My dear Alura

Quist! What an honour to speak with you after all this


She brushed aside the social formalities and went

straight to the point.

“Doctor, I have another job for you. As far as I know,

you’re the only person on Cyclops capable of tackling


“Pll do my best,” Rimeriey agreed, and repressed a

smile that was more sincere than the original one.

“Justin Kolb has lost his leg again. Wolfshark-hunt-


Rimerley blinked. He had expected something alto-

gether different, almost certainly for Quist herself. This

request took him aback.

“I’m having him brought to you tomorrow morning. I

count on you to do as thorough a job of regeneration as

you did the last time.”

“Ahjust a moment,” Rimerley said uncomfortably.

“It’s not the sort of job that can be tackled on a few

hours’ notice, you understand.” In the back of his mind

he was running calculations; so long to locate material,

so long to make the tissue immunologically neutral, so

long to get it here. “I doubt whether it would be pos-

sible to handle the case in less than two weeks, I’m


“Two weeks!”

“That’s my rough estimate. Of course, I may be-”

“Then I might just as well leave him where he is. He’ll

be better looked after than in one of our second-rate


A warning tremor ran down Rimerley’s spine. He said

in a voice suddenly fainter than normal, “Ahwhere is

he, then?”

“In the Corps Galactica hospital. He was taken there

after some fisherman rescued him from the water.”


“Dr Rimerley?” Quist demanded at last, sounding


She was not half as alarmed as Rimerley himself. He

could barely choke out his answer.

“On uh-on second thoughts, perhaps it would be

better to have him brought here. At once, the sooner the

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