Saving Faith By: David Baldacci

Saving Faith By: David Baldacci

Saving Faith By: David Baldacci


To my dear friend Jennifer Steinberg, for tracking down so much

information for me. You’d make a great PI!

To my wife, Michelle, for always telling me the truth about the books.

To Neal Schiff at the FBI for his continued help and cooperation with

my novels.

A very special thanks to FBI Special Agent Shawn Henry, who was very

generous with his time, expertise, and enthusiasm, and who helped me

avoid some serious gaffes in the story. Shawn, your comments made the

book much better.

To Martha Pope for her valuable, insightful knowledge on Capitol Hill

matters, and her patience with a political neophyte. Martha, you’d

make a great teacher!

To Bobby Rosen, Diane Dewhirst, and Marty Paone for sharing their

experiences and institutional memories with me.

To Tom De Pont Dale Barto, and Charles Nelson of Nations Bank for

assistance on financial and tax matters.

To Joe Duffey for enlightening me on foreign aid policy and procedures.

And to his wife, Anne Wexler, for sharing her valuable time and insight

with me.

A very, very special thanks to my friend Bob Schule for going above and

beyond the call of duty in helping me on this book, for not only

providing fascinating details about his long and distinguished career

in Washington, but also for casting a wide net among his friends and

colleagues in order to help me better understand politics, lobbying,

and how Washington really works. Bob, you’re a wonderful friend and a

true professional.

To Congressman Rod Blagojevich (D. Ill) for allowing me a glimpse into

the life of a member of Congress.

To Congressman Tony Hall (D. Ohio) for helping me better understand

the plight of the world’s poor, and how that issue plays out (or

doesn’t) in Washington.

To my good friend and family member Congressman John Baldacci (D.

Maine) for his support and assistance with this project. If everyone

in Washington were like John, the plot of this book would seem totally


To Larry Benoit and Bob Beene for their help on everything from

lobbying to the nuts and bolts of governing, to all the little nooks

and crannies in the U.S. Capitol building. To them I owe one of my

favorite scenes in the book.

To Mark Jordan of Baldino’s Lock and Key for educating me on the ways

of security and phone systems and how to crack them. Mark, you’re the


To Steve Jennings for reading every word as usual and helping to make

them better.

To my dear friends David and Catherine Broome for exposing me to the

North Carolina settings and for their continued encouragement and


To all those other people who contributed to this novel but for various

reasons wish to remain anonymous. I couldn’t have done it without all

of you.

To my editor and my friend Frances Jalet-Miller. Her skill,

encouragement, and gentle persuasion are all that any writer could ever

want in an editor. To many more books together, Francie. Last, but

absolutely not least, to Larry, Maureen, Jamie, Tina, Emi, Jonathan,

Karen Torres, Martha Otis, Jackie Joiner, and Jackie Meyer, Bruce

Paonessa and Peter Mauceri, and all the rest of the Warner Books

family. It takes all of us to make this happen.

All the people listed above gave me the knowledge and help I needed to

write this novel. How I used that assistance to conjure up all sorts

of shenanigans, misdeeds, outright crimes, and depictions of felonious

and conspiratorial souls in Saving Faith, however, is my responsibility





ground accessed by only a single, high-speed elevator. The chamber had

been secretly built during the early 1960s under the guise of

renovating the private building that squatted over it. The original

plan, of course, was to use this “super-bunker” as a refuge during a

nuclear attack. This facility was not for the top leaders of American

government; it was for those whose level of relative un importance

dictated that they probably wouldn’t be able to get out in time but who

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