A Matter of Perspective by Edward M. Lerner

That should improve the neighborhood decorum.

* * * *

(…) paused in its deliberations, distracted by it knew not what. The distraction, whatever it was, defied immediate identification. It also refused to fade away.

Puzzled and annoyed, the creature scanned a progression of dimensionalities and continua, finally pinpointing the vexation as a series of annoying galactic perturbations within a low-order universe.

Localization did not make the interruptions any less bothersome. After the passage of something analogous to, if far more complex than, time, the megaverse creature decided to damp out the disturbance. Slightly and subtly realigning its corpus, (…) increased the fraction of dark matter that resided within the offending space-time continuum.

The situation addressed, (…) resumed its work. Serenity would return soon enough, as the newly augmented universe moved swiftly through the cleansing of a Big Gnab event.

* * * *

The tropical breeze gently ruffling his hair, Hugh Robinson eyed his hand-held radio transmitter. He would have only a few hours after releasing the tailored, aerosol-born Ebola virus to return safely to the airport. As for the unsuspecting local residents….

He took a moment to admire towering trees beneath an impossibly blue sky dotted with scudding clouds. Unseen birds sang magnificently—until a passing jetliner obliterated their calls and Hugh’s lingering doubts. He pressed firmly the large red TRANSMIT button. All of this must be protected, whatever the cost.

After all, one had to keep one’s eyes on The Big Picture.

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