CARRIER 6: COUNTDOWN By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 6: COUNTDOWN By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 6: COUNTDOWN By Keith Douglass


The Communist hard-liners are attempting to regain power in the former

Soviet Union which has sparked a violent civil war. The United States

does not want to get involved, but when it is discovered that the rebels

are planning a submarine-launched nuclear strike, the U.S. decides to

intervene. Carrier Battle Group 14, along with two other carrier battle

groups, form a carrier battle force tasked with keeping the Russian

ballistic missile submarines in port where they cannot launch their

nuclear weapons. A massive air, sea and land battle ensues. Violence.

6th novel in the “Carrier” series, 1994.

Also by Keith Douglass







Friday, 20 February

The Kremlin

Moscow, RSFSR

Jackboots crunched through the shards of glass and splintered masonry

littering a floor once richly carpeted, now charred by blast and fire.

The tapestries that had covered one wall had all been torn down, as had

the gilt-framed, life-sized portraits of Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and that

bastard Leonov. Filing cabinets had been overturned, their contents

scattered and burned. The smell of fire and high explosive still clung

to the place. An ornate desk lay half buried beneath a fallen, inner

wall, while windows smashed by the concussion of multiple RPG rounds

gaped open to Moscow’s leaden February sky, allowing a bitter swirl of

snowflakes to dance across the debris.

Marshal Valentin Grigorevich Krasilnikov surveyed the wreckage of the

office for a grim moment, then holstered the Makarov pistol he’d been

gripping in one black-gloved hand. The traitor had fled, but damn it,

how had he known? How had he known?

A soldier crowded past the half-opened, partly unhinged door to the

shattered office. “Comrade Marshal!”

“Yes, Sergeant Borodin.”

The soldier, an AKM assault rifle clutched at a rigid port arms,

stiffened to attention. “We have searched the entire office wing,

including the basement. He is not here.”

“Has Doctorov arrived yet?”

“I do not know, Comrade Marsha-”

“Find out. If he has not, notify me the moment he does. And put your

best men to searching and guarding the prisoners. It may be that some

know of Leonov’s whereabouts. It would be inconvenient if they died

before telling us what we need to know. Most inconvenient. Do you


“Completely, Comrade Marshal.”

“Good. I hold you responsible, Lieutenant Borodin.”

The man clicked his heels and smartly slapped the bright orange butt of

his AKM, sounding a crisp, military crack that echoed in the charred and

smashed office. “Thank you, Comrade Marshal!”

He turned, and Krasilnikov was left alone once more in the ruin of what

just five hours earlier had been the command center of a democratic


Demokratichyeskii Rossiya. Krasilnikov snorted at the absurdity of the

thought. Pah!

The anarchy unleashed across the Rodina during the past decade was

unmatched by that of any period of history since the Great Patriotic

War, since even the epic sacrifices of 1917. First there’d been the

so-called glasnost and perestroika of Gorbachev … followed by the

abortive coup of ’91, the accession of Yeltsin, and the wholesale

dismemberment of the Soviet Union, she whom Krasilnikov had pledged to

defend with his life. The Communist Party banned, the state-run economy

plundered, the Warsaw Pact vanished with the winds of counterrevolution

howling from Berlin to Vladivostok.

Krasilnikov and a dedicated handful of other senior officers had worked

to set things straight, restore order where chaos reigned as a new and

manic Czar. The puppet “democrat” who’d followed Yeltsin to power over

the pathetic tatters of a great nation had been assassinated in

Oslo–ostensibly by western anarchists, but in fact by agents of

Aleksandr Doctorov’s revitalized and rededicated security apparatus–and

in the wake of that assassination, an alliance of KGB, military, and

hard-liner party men had secured power once again in the capitals of the

former Commonwealth of Independent States.

That had been only the beginning, of course, as the Soviet Union rose

reborn from the ashes. The operation known as Rurik’s Hammer, the

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