CARRIER 7: AFTERBURN By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 7: AFTERBURN By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 7: AFTERBURN By Keith Douglass


For the first time in U.S. naval history, an American carrier battle

group–CBG-14–is cruising in the Black Sea. Its mission, although

vague, is to help keep the peace in the Crimean as the Russian civil war

rages on. But the admiral of the Black Sea fleet is not at all pleased

that an American naval force is in the Black sea–his own backyard–and

makes plans to destroy it. Meanwhile, the General in charge of the

Crimean Military District decides to turn the whole area over to the UN

in an attempt to keep the peace and, before long, fighting breaks out

between various factions of the Soviet military and CBG-14 is trapped in

the middle of it. 7th novel in the “Carrier” series, 1996.

Jove Books New York Copyright (C) 1996 by Jove Publications, Inc.

Also by Keith Douglass






Korean Navy has captured a U.S. Intelligence ship in international

waters. They dare Washington to retaliate. The U.S. response? The

ultimate military power play. ..

VIPER STRIKE A renegade Chinese fighter group punctures Thai

airspace–the spearhead of a giant invasion force streaming across the

Burmese border. The skies are about to blow wide open. ..

ARMAGEDDON MODE India and Pakistan are on the verge of nuclear

destruction, and Carrier Battle Group Fourteen must shift into

Armageddon Mode–the ultimate battle by land, air, or sea. ..

FLAME-OUT After a hard-line military takeover, the Soviet Union is

reborn. Norway is invaded. Finland is crushed. And the President orders

Carrier Battle Group Fourteen to smash the Soviet strike force at all

costs. ..

MAELSTROM The Soviet occupation of Scandinavia continues as Carrier

Battle Group Fourteen struggles to keep up in conventional weapons

combat, and avert all-out war. ..

COUNTDOWN Carrier Battle Group Fourteen must launch marine and aerial

assaults to prevent the deployment of Russian Typhoons. They are the

largest submarines in the world. And they may have nukes. ..


Friday, 30 October 1047 hours (Zulu +3)

Office of the Commander, Black Sea Fleet Sevastopol Naval Base, Crimean

Military District Vitse-Admiral Nikolai Sergeivich Dmitriev looked up

from his desk as his aide slipped into the office without knocking. The

young Starshiy-leytenant looked tired, drawn, like a man who hadn’t

slept for a week. That might well have been true, Dmitriev reflected as

he studied the man. There weren’t many loyalists left with the Black Sea

Fleet these days, and the officers who had stayed at their posts were

all working double and triple shifts to try to keep the fleet in

something approaching a state of readiness.

A losing cause, Dmitriev thought bitterly. Transfers, desertions, and

outright mutinies had left the Black Sea Fleet crippled.

“Comrade Admiral,” Starshiy-Leytenant Anton Ivanovich Kulagin said

formally. “There is word from the Krimsky Komsomolets. The American

battle group is entering the Dardanelles.”

Dmitriev looked away. “So it has finally happened,” he said quietly, not

bothering to hide his own fatigue. Even though he’d expected the news,

the confirmation was bitter medicine indeed, confirmation that the

Motherland had fallen yet another notch in power and prestige. An

American aircraft carrier battle group would soon sail where no such

force had ever sailed before, in the waters of the Black Sea.

Once, the Chemoje More had been a Russian lake. Not even the Nazis had

placed a fleet of any importance in those waters. To find a comparable

time in history would require looking back a century and a half, to the

days when British, French, and Turkish invaders had besieged Sevastopol

in the Crimean War.

It was the end of an era. The West might have proclaimed that the Rodina

was no longer a superpower after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 1991

coup against Gorbachev, and the end of Lenin’s Soviet Union, but this

was the final, the undeniable proof of the fact, when the Motherland

could no longer even defend these waters that had for so long been her

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