Nancy Drew #55. Mystery of Crocodile Island. Carolyn Keene

Gimler thinks that Colombo may cause trouble and asked me to locate him. I was wondering, was your group responsible for his rescue, and do you know where he is? Gimler threatens to have him arrested for stealing.

If you have any information about Colombo, meet me at my club for lunch tomorrow.


“That’s today,” Nancy said to herself.

By this time Bess, George, and the Cosgroves had joined her and wanted to know what the letter said. She read it to them.

When she finished, Mr. Cosgrove said, “You’d better go to the dub and talk to Mr. Gonzales.”

“There’s only one problem,” George said. “Nancy might be followed. Now that the Ecology people know where we’re staying, they may have this place staked out.”

“Well,” Mr. Cosgrove said, “we belong to the same club as Mr. Gonzales, and we know many other members. Perhaps you could meet one of them and get a ride.”

“That’s a good plan,” Nancy said. “Now we just have to figure out how I get from here to wherever I’ll meet this person.”

Bess had a suggestion. “Danny and Nancy are about the same size. Couldn’t she wear his clothes and cover her hair with a golf hat?”

Nancy laughed. “I wouldn’t want to have lunch with Mr. Gonzales in dungarees and a T-shirt!”

“True,” Mrs. Cosgrove agreed. Then her face lit up. “I have it!” she said. “The delivery boy from Drummond’s Market is due here at about eleven. He drives a van. I’ll tell him to back up to our attached garage so you can slip into the van unseen. Then he can drop you off downtown.”

“That sounds great,” Nancy agreed.

“Okay. I’ll call my friend Mrs. Grote and see if she’s playing golf today. If so, she can meet you at a drugstore on the main street. She has to pass it on the way to the club. What shall I tell her you’ll be wearing?”

“If I put on my dark-blue pants suit, I might still be taken for a boy from a distance, provided I cover my hair,” Nancy replied.

Mr. Cosgrove said he had a hat he used on the golf course, and offered to lend it to Nancy. “Come with me and see if it fits,” he said.

While Nancy was gone, Mrs. Cosgrove called her friend, who agreed to pick up Nancy at the drugstore.

Ten minutes later the girl detective appeared again, dressed in a blue pants suit with white collar and cuffs, and the white golf hat

“Oh, you look cute!” Bess exclaimed. “Not quite like Danny, but close!”

Just then Danny walked into the room and overheard Bess’s remark. “You’ve got to be kidding!” he protested. “I don’t own a fancy getup like that, and if I did, I’d give it away quick!”

Everyone laughed, and Nancy said, “All that counts is that from a distance I don’t look like me!”

“Nancy,” Mrs. Cosgrove said, “Mrs. Grote will meet you at the drugstore. She’ll be wearing a white dress with a multicolored embroidered belt.”

Soon the delivery boy arrived at the back door in a van. Mrs. Cosgrove gave him the necessary instructions, and Nancy slipped into the rear. After he had left the street she climbed into the seat next to him. He looked at her and gave a low Whistle. “You’re a doll,” he said appreciatively. “Are you on a secret date?”

Nancy smiled. “Suppose you guess?”

“I’m sure you are,” the young man said as he pulled around a corner, “so I won’t interfere. But I’d like to take you out myself some time.”

“That’s very kind of you,” Nancy replied. “Right now, however, I have to go on an important errand.”

When they reached the drugstore, she thanked the boy, quickly hopped out, and went inside. She saw a rack of books and walked over to examine the titles. Just then an attractive woman walked into the store. She was dressed in white except for an embroidered, many-colored belt.

“She must be Mrs. Grote,” Nancy concluded. The woman spotted her at the same moment, and walked toward the girl, holding out her hand. “Anne, I’m Mrs. Grote. I’ll be very happy to drive you to the club.”

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