Nancy Drew #55. Mystery of Crocodile Island. Carolyn Keene

Nancy and Ned were glad of the temporary reprieve. Their thoughts went back to Crocodile Island. Where were the rest of their friends? Had they found Nancy’s note? If so, had they done anything about it?

All this time the two couples had been very busy. George and Burt had finally startled Stryker and Jackson, who were hiding in the jungle. They managed to corner them, then talked to the men from a distance.

“It’s no use to try getting away,” George called. “All the others on this island have left. They didn’t even wait to take you along. Now you have nothing. They have the money and won’t dare come back here because of the police. In feet, there are policemen on the island now, hunting for you.”

“What?” Stryker exclaimed, then gave a sneering smile. “You’re trying to trick us!”

Burt spoke up. “It’s no trick. You don’t have a chance.”

The couple continued to coax the men to come out of hiding, but several more minutes went by before they consented to do so. Burt told them to walk ahead. He and George would follow.

All the way to the pier on the other side of the island the couple was very watchful in case the men should try to get away. Apparently the fugitives felt beaten because they did not attempt to run or fight.

When the two captives saw the officers on the pier, they knew Burt and George had been telling the truth. The captives raised no objection when they were placed under arrest.

Some time before this, Bess and Dave, having found no trace of the suspects, had started back toward the pier. As they were making their way along the waterfront, Bess grabbed Dave’s arm.

“Look! There are Nancy and Ned! Nancy is writing something on a leaf.”

The couple were too far away to distinguish what it might be, but started to run forward as fast as they could over the mangrove roots.

When they reached the note, Bess and Dave read it quickly. Going aboard. Couple one.

“Going aboard what?” Dave asked.

He and Bess ran faster. A few moments later they saw Nancy and Ned hurry across the pier.

Bess exclaimed, “There’s the sub! Oh my goodness, they’re climbing down inside! We must stop them!”

Before the couple could get near enough to shout to their friends, they saw two men dash from the main building and get onto the submarine. Quickly they descended and closed the hatch. The ship submerged and took off.

Bess was in tears. “Oh, Dave, what’s going to happen now to Nancy and Ned?”

Dave wasted no time in conversation. “Where’s the office?”

“I’ll show you,” Bess said and the two sped off to the little building.

The door was open. Dave looked around for what he wanted to use, then began to send a radio message to the Coast Guard. In as few words as possible, he described what had taken place on Crocodile Island.

Within seconds a return message was received. Two Coast Guard cutters would be sent out at once. One would go directly to Crocodile Island. The other would go after the submarine.

“We will also send out two helicopters. Try to have someone tell them which direction the sub and the speedboat took,” the Coast Guard operator said.

About this time the two policemen who had gone into the jungle returned. They were amazed to hear what had happened and thanked Dave for sending out the alarm. The officer had hardly finished speaking when they saw the two suspects being ushered into the area by George and Burt

Patman and his companion looked astounded. “You caught them?”

George could not help quipping, “Yes, and with no guns!”

The officers gave the two prisoners a long look, then advised them of their rights to seek legal counsel. The two men exchanged worried glances but did not answer.

“Where does the sub go?” Patman asked. No reply.

Bess felt that treating the men gruffly was accomplishing nothing. She tried a softer, more kindly approach.

Smiling at them she said, “What about your families? Surely you care for them and would like to get back to them as soon as possible. You can’t hide out forever.”

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