CARRIER 5: MAELSTROM By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 5: MAELSTROM By Keith Douglass

CARRIER 5: MAELSTROM By Keith Douglass


As the war in Norway rages on, The U.S.S. Thomas Jefferson and the rest

of carrier battle group 14 continues to be the only American military

asset in the area. While the politicians in Washington argue over what

to do about the Soviet aggression, the men of CBG-14 fight for survival

against overwhelming odds. American technology and tactics are severely

tested as the fighting escalates to an explosive climax. Violence. 5th

novel in the “Carrier” series, 1993.

Also by Keith Douglass





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Close-up camera angle of Soviet T-72 tanks rumbling in column along a

highway, threading their way past heavy civilian traffic. Switch to shots of

APCs and trucks, then of Soviet MiG-29s flying in formation low above city


“The continuing collapse of the Soviet Empire seems, ironically, to have

brought the world closer to destruction than perhaps any time since the height

of the Cold War. That, at least, is the private assessment of many military

officials here at the Pentagon.”

Shift to a slowly moving panorama of massed crowds gathered in a city

square, then to shots of politicians addressing a gathering, of joyful people

waving Czech and Hungarian and East German flags with the Soviet government

crests cut from their centers, of scenes of young people clambering

triumphantly atop the Berlin Wall as East German soldiers impassively look on.

“During the past eight to ten years we in the West have been witness to

truly astonishing changes in the shape of world power. In 1989 we watched in

amazement the so-called velvet revolutions, dramatic expressions of what came

to be known as ‘people power’ toppling Communist regimes in Eastern European

countries from the Baltic to the Black Sea. In 1991 we witnessed what

appeared to be the ultimate triumph of people power within the Soviet Union

itself, as old-guard Communist hard-liners attempted to wrest power from the

liberal reformers of Soviet economic and political policy, and failed.”

More crowd scenes, these of enormous crowds gathered in Moscow and

defending the Russian parliament building; of civilians surrounding and

shouting angrily at confused-looking soldiers; of civilians clambering on

tanks and APCs, waving Russian Federation flags; of massed demonstrators

shaking their fists and chanting in unison: “Yeltsin! Yeltsin! Yeltsin!”

The scene shifts, then, to shots of empty grocery shelves, of

weary-looking people standing in endless lines, and of an ominous-looking line

of Soviet army marshals watching a military parade.

“Sadly, however, the sheer inertia of a nation as vast as the Soviet

Union has always prevented any quick fix of the social and economic problems

plaguing that country. With the reformers unable to reverse the collapse of

the Soviet economy, unable even to guarantee bread on the grocers’ shelves

while half of the Russian harvest rotted in the fields, hard-liners within the

military have reemerged as a significant power behind the scenes within the

marble halls of the Kremlin. Where democratic forces sought to create a loose

federation of sovereign states, the militarists pursued the reestablishment of

a strong, central union. By late last year, it became clear that the

militarists had won out, as tanks put down popular demonstrations in Georgia,

the Ukraine, and within Russia itself.”

Rubble in a city street. People scattering in confusion and panic, Other

people gathered in crowds, looks of horror on their faces. Fire engines

playing streams of water on a demolished government building.

“Two weeks ago, a terrorist’s bomb assassinated the latest of a string of

reformist presidents of the Soviet Union as he attended a conference in the

capital of Norway. Amid confused rumors of a Communist coup within that

Scandinavian country and of possible civil war, Soviet military forces

launched an invasion of Norway.”

More scenes of Russian soldiers, of an endless line of tanks rolling down

a country road as helpless civilians watch. film footage Shows Norwegian

soldiers deploying from APCs, firing machine guns, and patrolling on skis.

“Soviet government spokesmen insisted that the invasion was intended to

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